31st December 2010

today's walk: footpath survey in Lorton Vale

the new bridge in Lorton after last year's floods ..

.. now open to pedestrians and cyclists but not yet to cars

Ladyside Pike and Hopegill Head from Lorton village

the western slopes of Whiteside and Grasmoor from the field path to Lorton Church

approaching Lorton Church with Greystones ahead

Lorton Church from the east

old kissing gate east of Lorton Church ..

.. leading onto this pleasant path with Graystones ahead

Ladyside Pike and Hopegill Head (now in mist) from the path

sheep running away as we enter their field - Graystones behind

looking back to Lorton village with Mellbreak behind

Graystones from the lane back to the church

Lorton Church and the yew trees with Graystones behind

Ladyside Pike, Hopegill Head and Whiteside

Low Fell from another of the paths we surveyed


a wizened old tree