19th April 2011

this afternoon's walk: Whinlatter to Portinscale via Thornthwaite - preceded by an early morning visit to Derwentwater

the boathouse on Derwent Isle

Causey Pike seen over the south end of Derwent Isle

looking up Derwentwater from the foot of Friar's Crag ..

.. and again from the fence east of Friar's Crag showing the debris from earlier high water levels

Catbells and Friar's Crag

looking up Derwentwater as a friend canoes past

Causey Pike from Portinscale back road as I walk to the bus stop

descending through Whinlatter Forest

emerging from the thickest trees above Comb Beck - Skiddaw very hazily ahead

the hamlet of Seldom Seen with Skiddaw and Dodd ahead

approaching Thornthwaite church in the trees with Skiddaw and Dodd beyond

Thornthwaite church

blossoming trees with Skiddaw and Dodd behind

looking back along the footpath to Thornthwaite church with Barf and the bishop behind

Barf and blossom from beside the A66

looking back towards Whinlatter Forest from beside the A66

Carlside and Skiddaw from near Bog House

Skiddaw Little Man from the old A66

cherry tree at the entrance to Portinscale from the A66