15th June 2011

today's Lake District Volunteer work party: clearing a medieval archeological site near Crummock Water

looking back towards Buttermere from the approach path to the site

Mellbreak in mist from the approach path

not much sign of anything under all this bracken ..

.. but we get to work with slashers, scythes and rakes ..

.. to reveal the foundations of a longhouse

the next site before we get started

slashing bracken from the remains of the walls

another ancient dwelling is revealed ..

.. and a larger enclosed area ..

.. possibly used for summer cattle grazing

looking down Crummock Water from the site

a map of the site - the circle shows the first spots we tackled - now we head to the arrowed sites

nothing obvious here amongst the bracken ..

.. but soon this old longhouse is revealed

the higher site shows a little more sign of old walls ..

.. but we are soon unearthing a lot more with possibly another longhouse

Robinson from this site

the site from higher up the hillside with Robinson and Fleetwith Pike beyond

panoramic shot of the whole site from the same spot up the hillside

two us us decided to return by Scale Force - here looking back down Scale Beck

Scale Force - Lakeland's highest waterfall

another look down on our worksite from the Scale Force to Buttermere path

Buttermere and Fleetwith Pike from the path

better weather coming in over Mellbreak