11th July 2011

today's evening walk: around Wigton with Leo Holden and the Lake District volunteers

Leo tells us about the history of St Mary's Church

many of the old gravestones have been flattened and laid into this pathway

inside the church

a close up of the east window

the three windows donated by Melvyn Bragg - well worth a visit for a closer look

old benefactions to the church

much of interest to see in the churchyard

old cottages seen from the churchyard ..

.. and the reproduction plaque thereon

the birthplace of Melvyn Bragg and some other notable natives of Wigton

Thomlinson Junior School - historic and still active

St Mary's Church

Redmayne Tailors, a long established company in Wigton

the Crown Hotel

the old fountain and war memorial in the centre of Wigton

the throstle has a special significance for the town

an old gas light

zooming in on the gaslight

inscription at the foot of the gaslight

old pump next to the gaslight