30th October 2011

today's walk: Harter Fell and Wandale Hill

climbing onto Harter Fell from the west

looking north from the slopes of Harter Fell

Wandale Hill and Adamthwaite with Yarlside behind from Harter Fell

approaching Harter Fell summit

on top of Harter Fell

Chris, Jonathan and Chris approaching the top of their 1200th HuMP ..

.. and on top

a celebratory wee dram ..

.. and a cake

we all sign the book with our HuMP totals

those with less than 1200 photographing "Hall of Fame" members with 1200 or more

heading for Wandale Hill

descending from Harter Fell with Green Bell ahead

dropping into the valley

on the track above Adamthwaite heading for Wandale Hill

Wandale Hill ahead

looking south to Baugh Fell from the top of Wandale Hill ..

.. and again zoomed in

more celebrations on top of Wandale Hill

Harter Fell from Wandale Hill ..

.. and again on the way down

Adamthwaite Farm

looking back over the farm to Wandale Hill