15th March 2012

today's walk: St Bees Head

St Bees Priory

the shore at St Bees

looking down on the shore from part way up the cliff path

zooming down on Fleswick Bay

the path heading for Fleswick Bay

looking down on Fleswick Bay from the other side

looking back down the steep path climbing out of the bay

the cliffs northwards from the first RSPB viewpoint

the cliffs southwards from the second RSPB viewpoint

zooming in there are a few guillemots but soon the cliffs will be covered with them

gulls above the sea

a detached bit of cliff seen from the third RSPB viewpoint

looking back along the cliffs shortly before I head inland

looking forward towards Whitehaven - not visible today

the village green in Sandwith

sheep and lambs on the Coast to Coast route just after I'd left it to head back to St Bees

pony on my return path

stile on the return path

the same awkward staggered stile from the other side

blossom on a tree in front of part of St Bees school

this is the quadrangle described in the plaque above

the west door of St Bees Priory

St Bees Priory

daffodils in the grounds of St Bees School

St Bees Priory from the station carpark