4th August 2012

a visit by Lake District volunteers to the old and new straining wells on Thirlmere

the old straining well on the shore of Thirlmere

looking up Thirlmere from the site of the old straining well

historic list of those serving on the body which built the Thirlmere reservoir

looking down into the old straining well

one of the old strainig grids

statistics about the new lake levels after it was converted to a reservoir

looking back towards the well

looking up to the ceiling of this historic building

looking down into the straining well - this is still where Thirlmere water enters the aqueduct to Manchester

the poster here commenrates 100 years of Thirlmere in 1994

Helm Crag from the new straining well over Dunmail Raise

looking inside the Thirlmere aqueduct as it runs into the new straining well

Helm Crag again as some rain sets in

inside the new straining well

more interesting information from Russell and Dave outside the new straining well

a tea stop courtesy of Tony and Dee

Helm Crag from the tea stop

Steel Fell from the tea stop

storm brewing over Helm Crag