28th November 2012

a work party on Knipescar clearing a right of way blocked by gorse

the Knipescar ridge from the path onto Knipescar

heading up the path onto Knipescar

looking back down the path

zooming in on Haweswater from the work site

the right of way completely blocked by gorse

Bob trying to start a fire to burn up the gorse

looking north from the Knipescar ridge

turning back south towards the very smoky fire

sunshine on Cross Fell from the east side of the Knipescar ridge

heading back to the fire from the east side

a new site for the fire as we were warned it might be damaging the limestone wall

feeding the fire with large cuttings of gorse

the cleared path - but there is still more to do lower down

Cross Fell and the Dun Fells as some of us walk the bridleway eastwards

well preserved limekiln beside the bridleway