17th March 2013

a work party planting trees in Lorton on the banks of the River Cocker

fresh snow this morning - Lorton church here in front of Graystones

Whiteside from the road through Lorton

tree protectors on the banks of the River Cocker before we start work

Whinfell Hall from the riverside

already lots of trees planted with a big turnout of volunteers

getting down to it as the river turns briefly eastwards with Graystones ahead

another zoom in on Whinfell Hall

looking over the new trees to the ridges of Whiteside and Grasmoor

the sheep seem to think that the barrows might contain some goodies

a very boggy section of river bank ..

.. so those in wellies plant it with willows

willows now in situ in the bog

looking over some of the new trees to Whiteside

Mike from the Environment Agency heads off to photograph the volunteers for their newsletter

the volunteers from the Lake District apprentices Land Rover ..

.. and again from in front of the land rover

pushing the trailer out of the mud