20th March 2013

a work party clearing a bridleway at Helton in the east of the Lake District National Park

a warning that we are working on this bridleway

looking east to the section which was cleared on the last work party - the aim is to get our bit just as good

looking to the uncleared section with the fire barely getting going

the bridleway westwards completely blocked with brash - fortunately there are no horses or walkers trying to get through

another shot westwards with our warning sign

the fire is getting good now ..

.. and being fed by Phil and Brian

Scott felling another tree with the chainsaw

zooming in on Knipescar over the smoke from our fire

bridge over the River Lowther from the foot of the bridleway

the path back up from my diversion to the river

back at the fire now in full blaze

Brian loads raked up brash from the bridleway onto the fire

looking back down the well cleared bridleway

a shot down the cleared bridleway from the fire

today's volunteer group