30th March 2013

today's walk: Seatoller - Seathwaite - Thorneythwaite - Stonethwaite - Rosthwaite

snow piled up at the bus stop in Seatoller where the Honister Rambler bus is currently turning back to Keswick

Great End from the lane to Seathwaite

Base Brown from the riverside path to Seathwaite approaching the Borrowdale yews

plaque at the Borrowdale yews

the largest of the yews

looking back at the yew enclosure

looking over Seathwaite from the return path to Thorneythwaite

Base Brown from the return path ..

.. and again with a line of trees in front

Herdwicks being gathered in - probably for lambing

colourful bottoms as they head for Thorneythwaite Farm

the very wide wall beside the farm track from Thorneythwaite Farm

lambs near Stonethwaite - each one with a plastic jacket

looking back to Stonethwaite from the lane eastwards

looking up the valley to Eagle Crag

zooming in on Eagle Crag

some tasty food for these pregnant ewes

Grange Fell from the path to Rosthwaite

looking over the river to Rosthwaite Fell

Castle Crag from near Rosthwaite