15th April 2013

this evening's walk: a Lake District volunteers visit to Cockermouth led by the Cockermouth Civic Society

Jennings Brewery seen along the River Cocker from the main road through Cockermouth

meeting in Cockermouth

this historic Cockermouth Wall was created after the 2009 floods ..

.. which are the last incident on the wall

one of Cockermouth's hidden alleys

Cockermouth main street looking back to the Mayo statue

one of Cockermouth's many pubs

Wordswaorth House the birthplace of William Wordsworth

an old linen mill seen across the River Derwent

no one knows why this house has a beehive above its door

the confluence of the Rivers Cocker and Derwent

walking through Jennings Brewery

their 4 ales advertised on one of their trucks

looking out of the brewery to All Saints Church

Cockermouth Castle (not open to the public) from the brewery

another of the Cockermouth alleyways

Percy House one of the oldest buildings in Cockermouth

looking down on the River Cocker from a high viewpoint

All Saints Church from the same spot

flood defences along the River Cocker