10th May 2013

today's walk: a Lake District National Park volunteer patrol from Rosthwaite in Borrowdale

leaving Rosthwaite

Castle Crag from the path out of Rosthwaite

uninviting stepping stones over the River Derwent

a much more attractive place to cross the river

the riverside path back towards the stepping stones

Herdwick ewe with Castle Crag behind

looking across to Grange Fell from my ascent route

Scaleclose Coppice - the spot where I realised that I had not followed the appointed route

Castle Crag and Grange Fell from my ascent path

at this point I decided to omit Castle Crag in order to correct my earlier error

looking down the valley to Derwentwater

zooming in on Derwentwater and Walla Crag

my turnround point - furthest north

a calm spot on the River Derwent ..

.. and a more turbulent section

looking back down the valley as I ascend the path which I should have gone up this morning

looking down again from higher up the path

Grange Fell from my turn round spot

back at the bridge ..

.. and at the stepping stones looking upstream

re-entering Rosthwaite village

tea garden looking north to Dale Head