9th July 2013

today's walk: Dodd and the osprey viewpoints

Bassenthwaite Lake from the lower viewpoint

the path up through Dodd Wood

looking back to Bass Lake from higher up the track

the side track up onto the north ridge of Dodd

the head of Bass Lake from the end of this track

the little path leading up the north ridge of Dodd

looking up the first part of the ridge ..

.. and down after I had climbed it

the second steep section leading to Dodd summit

looking down the ridge from near the top

Derwentwater and Newlands Valley from near the top

zooming in up hazy Newlands Valley

the head of Bass Lake with Barf beyond from near the top

the memorial stone on Dodd summit looking north ..

.. and looking south to Derwentwater

Derwentwater from the descent path

Newlands Valley and Braithwaite from the descent path

Barf ahead from the forest road

zooming in on Barf over a broom bush

Bass Lake appears again as I near the upper osprey viewpoint

fly on one of the colourful flowers between the viewpoints

busy now at the lower viewpoint

the one that nearly got away ..

.. but this red squirrel posed beautifully