14th July 2013

today's walk: a Lake District volunteer patrol including a visit to Bassenthwaite village

looking down on Bassenthwite village from the starting point

something to report immediately - the sign at the start of the bridleway is broken

looking back down the bridleway to Bassenthwaite Lake and Sale Fell

I have just rescued one of these ewes who was trapped by her horn in a wire fence

the permissive path avoids Barkbeth farmyard

the bridleway goes through the ford but there is a footbridge for pedestrians

Longside Edge and Ullock Pike

Sale Fell and Bass Lake on the descent to Bassenthwaite village

this bull in the field hints that I should have turned right through a gate a bit higher up

approaching Bassenthwaite village

zooming in on Sale Fell from the same tree

Bassenthwaite village green

Bassenthwaite chapel

this stile is completely blocked on the other side - something else to report

the one I need to cross is just about useable

footbridge over Chapel Beck

Sale Fell and Bassenthwaite chapel

zooming over the chapel to yachts on Bass Lake