11th August 2013

today's walk: a patrol in Lorton Vale

start of the patrol

the stile is overgrown but this doesn't really matter as the gate opens ..

.. but this one doesn't and there is no stile - something to report

bathtime looking to Fellbarrow - I should send this shot to http://www.bath-in-a-field.co.uk/ - not sure why this link isn't working - try google

Watching Crag and Fellbarrow

Stanger Spa - not a place I have visited before

it doesn't look very inviting now!

looking back at Stanger Spa

boggy bridleway

I abandoned the link northeast to the road because of dreadful bog but not before finding this Himalayan Balsam - something else to report

heading back south with Grasmoor in cloud ahead

another shot of cloud covered Grasmoor

looking south to Mellbreak

zooming in on Mellbreak

the last gate and stile into Lorton

the Wheatsheaf Inn

attractive garden in Low Lorton

zooming in on the historic AA sign