14th September 2013

today's walk: circuit from Askham over Moor Divock

looking up the road out of Askham

looking back down the road

exit from Askham over this cattle grid

another bath in a field

looking back towards Askham

it almost looks as if Heughscar Hill is erupting

track over Moor Divock looking towards the High Street massif - the tractor is collecting bracken

looking west as I turn east on another track

isolated rowan tree

the lane down to Helton

Knipescar from the lane

another shot over the valley on this beautiful day

house on the way down to Helton

entering Helton

sign in Helton

the bridleway to the River Lowther which we cleared on a recent work party

further down the bridleway

bridge over the River Lowther

looking back towards the High Street massif

on the bridge

looking downstream from the bridge

stile at Whale Farm

looking back at Helton village from the field path

looking down on the River Lowther

River Lowther from the road bridge into Askham

back in Askham

a final shot of the attractive village of Askham