15th October 2013

this mornings's walk: a stroll near Rosthwaite to recover some shots of a galacial moraine needed for a book on geology

the Flock Inn in the centre of Rosthwaite

stepping stones across the River Derwent ..

.. I prefer to divert downstream to the bridge!

the stepping stones from the other side

zooming in on Eagle Crag ..

.. and on Castle Crag

this is the moraine I have come to photograph - here looking up Borrowdale to cloud covered Glaramara and Base Brown

looking along the moraine from its foot

looking back along the northern end with the river below

another look southwards

stormy sky over Glaramara and Base Brown ..

.. but the day is improving so I decide to wait for the sun

patience is rewarded - this the shot I need

turning a bit to the left Castle Crag squeezes into the picture

once more the shot for the book - the fell behind is Grange Fell

heading back north along the moraine

looking back southwards as I leave it

arriving back in Rosthwaite