3rd February 2014

today's walk: U3A bird watching group walk to Grune Point

setting off well equiped with telescope and wellies

looking back over floods to Skinburrness

blooming gorse beside the track

everywhere very wet

a big bend in the river

looking downstream a lot of debris in the fence brought in either by high winds or high tides

zooming east over the river to cloud capped Skiddaw

moving to the north side of the peninsula and looking across the Solway to Criffel

a good area for wading birds although you won't spot any in this shot

a skein of Barnacle geese coming in over the Solway

zooming in on their flying formation

a big flock of Oyster Cathers at the water's edge

on the stony beach

Turnstones from the car on the way home

an attempt to enlarge 3 of the turnstones ..

.. and one more