4th March 2014

this morning's walk: Alcock Tarn

misty Helm Crag from the road

a lot of water in Greenhead Gill

the aquaduct from Thirlmere to Manchester crossing Greenhead Gill

Stone Arthur and Greenhead Gill

another shot of Stone Arthur from the path to Alcock Tarn

mist on Helm Crag ..

.. clearing

very boggy bit just before Alcock Tarn

Alcock Tarn

looking across mist bto the Langdale Pikes

Helm Crag peeping above the mist


zooming in on the Langdale Pikes

looking down on the descent path as the weather brightens up

more mist around Helm Crag

zooming out to include Steel Fell

looking over part of Grasmere village to the Langdale Pikes

the top of Helm Crag above the mist again

sunshine on Grasmere village ..

.. and on the lake ..

.. amnd on these larches

turning into a lovely day