13th May 2014

today's walk: round Buttermere

blossom on a riverside bush in Buttermere village

Herdwick ewe with two black lambs beside the path to Buttermere

the classic view up Buttermere to Fleetwith Pike

another shot from a bit further round the foot of Buttermere

looking across to High Snockrigg

zooming in on the stream running off High Snockrigg

another shot of Fleetwith Pike from further up the lake

High Crag seen over Comb Beck

Haystacks from the southern end of Buttermere

looking down Buttermere from the same spot

Mellbreak seen over Buttermere from its south end

looking back to Haystacks from the end of the roadwalking section

Burtness Comb, High Stile and Red Pike from the lakeshore

crags below High Snockrigg

the river mouth below Hassness with Low Fell in the distance

in the tunnel

High Crag and Red Pike from the lakeside path

High Crag from the lakeside path

High Crag and Dodd (in front of Red Pike) from Buttermere village