28th May 2014

today's work party: retrieving a footpath near the foot of Crummock Water

at the foot of Crummock Water on the way gto the work party site

Grasmoor reflected above the weir out of Crummock Water

the overgrown path to be retrieved with Mellbreak behind

another shot of the almost untraceable path

bracket fungi on a tree near the path

trying to get the fire going with Mellbreak behind

flowers in a boggy bit

Bob has a bit more success with the fire ..

.. but still not going well

at last a good blaze

lunch under this tree

ruin above the lunch spot looking to Low Fell

another ruin looking over the foot of Crummock Water to Whiteside

looking up Crummock Water

the track starting to re-emerge

Grasmoor from the return path

back at Crummock Water foot looking up the lake