The Manx Marilyns

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Region 29 Isle of Man

Metres  Feet   Name                                    Map  Grid Ref
   621  2036   Snaefell                                 95  SC 397881
   488  1601   Slieau Freoaghane                        95  SC 340883
   483  1586   South Barrule                            95  SC 257759
   230   756   Bradda Hill                              95  SC 193711
   169   554   Mull Hill                                95  SC 189676

The 1551 Marilyns are the British hills which have a clear drop of 500 feet or 150m all round.
They are listed in the book The Relative Hills of Britain by Alan Dawson (Cicerone Press 1992)
Just 5 of them are found on the Isle of Man

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