Skiddaw from Skiddaw House

In the empty area east of Skiddaw stands an old shooting lodge now run as Skiddaw House Youth Hostel. Here, in summer, you can stay in one of the most isolated buildings in England and it would be easy to go up Skiddaw for sunset on a good evening and come down to your bed in the dusk or perhaps by the light of a full moon.

Skiddaw House lies at the junction of three valleys and can be reached easily along any one of them. The through route from Keswick northwards via Dash Falls to the Orthwaite road is classified as a bridleway and is one of the most popular mountain bike routes in the Lake District. Motorists can shorten the route from the south by driving up to the Gale Road car park (please see the tourist path page for details). From the car park follow the tourist path to a gate. Here fork right on a clear track which descends slightly to ford Whit Beck and then climbs gently and turns a rocky corner high above the Glenderaterra Beck whose valley it follows to the hostel. If approaching via Dash Falls there is a small parking area at the start of the bridleway or one can drive on tarmac, through several gates, for about a mile and park on the grass at NY 261320. An alternative approach can be made from Mosedale. This is also a bridleway but it is less used and considerably more boggy than the other paths.

The climb up the mountain from the hostel is unexciting, a straightforward plod on grass, passing over the minor outlier Sale How and joining the tourist path at a gate just before the way steepens and climbs to the south top. There is a faint path and the gradients are gentle so this route offers a very quick and easy way down.

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