Shots around Zermatt - August 2000

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Matterhorn from above Findeln - Findelngletscher - Fluhalp - Matterhorn and Zmuttgletscher from Höhbalmen - Monte Rosa and Liskamm from Höhbalmen - Zmuttgletscher and Dent d'Hérens from Schönbielhütte - Matterhorn from Trockener Steg - Gornergletscher from Gandegghütte - Breithorn from Gandegghütte - Matterhorn from Riffelsee - Monte Rosa from below Gornergrat - looking east from Gornergrat - looking west from Gornergrat - Grünsee - 2 shots of Zermatt folklore procession

Panoramas: Breithorn from Gandegghütte - Monte Rosa and Breithorn from below Gornergrat

pictures taken with a Canon Ixus digital camera

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We stayed as always at the comfortable and friendly Alpina Hotel

to see more of the Matterhorn look at Zermatt - Live picture from the Gornergrat

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